Twitter Post
What’s this?
Simply Twitterrific! Like Facebook Posts, Twitter posts can be done to promote the product, brand or campaign an advertiser wants to shout out about.

The benefits

Twitter is another social media network which ranks among the most popular in the market. Tapping on it’s popularity and vast network of users, advertisers will be able to get the word about their products and brands out to the masses.
Text 110 characters including whitespace, URL link character count NOT included
Links allowed Only ONE URL (Provided by client)
*URL will be shortened by url shortener
Lead Time (For Pure Media Buy) 3 working days prior to broadcast
Disclaimers & Notes:
1. Any element NOT meeting the stated specifications will be returned for revision; in which case, there might be a possible delay in the expected launch date.
2. All ad specifications stated indicate the maximum file size allowed. Exceeding the allowed limit stated might incur additional charges.
3. Publisher reserves the right to reject any creatives that do not adhere to the specifications stated.
4. Submission of creatives should adhere strictly to the lead time stated. Any delay might result in a possible delay in the expected launch date.
5. Copies provided by client is subjected to Publisher's approval prior posting.
6. Publisher reserves the right to make any amendments on client's copy prior posting.
7. The above specifications may be modified at the Publisher’s discretion at any time.