Outstream Video
What's this?
Outstream Video is a video ad unit that appears amidst an article after a couple of scrolls.
The benefits
Strategically inserted within articles, the Outstream Video ad unit offers viewers an option of taking a breather from the block of text they are reading. The video will auto-play without sound by default, so should the viewer be interested to view the whole content, they can choose to turn on the sound on their own.
Ad Mechanism:
1. Upon page-load, the ad unit appears at a designated area of an article after a few scrolls.
2. The video content will auto-play but sound will be off by default. Viewer can turn on the sound if they wish to.
3. The close button allows viewers to close the ad unit at any point of viewing.
4. The video will pause when the viewer scrolls pass the designated area, but will resume play when they scroll back up again.
Outstream Video

Dimensions 660 pixels (width) by 440 pixels (height)
File Format MP4 video, H.264
File Size Max. 2MB
Duration Max. 30 sec; NO looping allowed
Default Image 660 pixels (width) by 440 pixels (height), in static JPG or Gif (no animation), not more than 40kb.
Please include Call-To-Action button in the static default image.
Links allowed Only ONE URL.
Other Requirements A default Call-To-Action button "Find Out More" will be added onto the video by us.
Lead Time (For Pure Media Buy) 7 working days prior to broadcast

Disclaimers & Notes:
1. Any element NOT meeting the stated specifications will be returned for revision; in which case, there might be a possible delay in the expected launch date.
2. All ad specifications stated indicate the maximum file size allowed. Exceeding the allowed limit stated might incur additional charges.
3. Publisher reserves the right to reject any creatives that do not adhere to the specifications stated.
4. Submission of creatives should adhere strictly to the lead time stated. Any delay might result in a possible delay in the expected launch date.
5. The above specifications may be modified at the Publisher's discretion at any time.