Premium Ad Units

Premium Ad Units offer far more than just animation or click-through functionality to users' web surfing experience. They tickle visitors' sight and hearing, prompt visitors to explore them and thus capture their limited online attention span. With Doubleclick DART, it is now possible to serve and track these highly interactive ad units. Micro-metrics such as view time and buttons click-rate are also available for a better understanding of users' behavior with the ad units.

The current available rich media ad units are:

HWZ is a certified Publisher under the Rich Media & Video Publisher-Paid program of DoubleClick. With this program, advertisers using Dart-For-Advertisers (DFA) can make rich media and video placements in HWZ without having to bear any Motif costs. Click here for more info!

Rich Media Trafficking for Doubleclick Clients
DFA clients & media agencies can traffic & monitor their campaigns with ease using the same Doubleclick platform. The same ad-serving platform reduces ad specification errors, quickens delivery time, and provides a standardized reporting system. Tie in your respective DFA Rich Media Campaign Manager with our HWZ Traffic team today!