Samsung Smart TV II

The Samsung SMART TV creative meadia buy consists of 3 ad units; a leaderboard, an interactive skinning, and an interactive floating ad that are animated to correspond with each other.

The ad is similar to a previous Samsung ad that we did, but it has been refreshed with a new Angry Birds theme, because one of the new Samsung Smart TV models featured the Angry Birds app, allowing users to play the popular game on the big screen. To drive the idea through, the ad starts off with an adaptation of the actual interface of the Angry Birds game. A red bird gets catapulted from the interactive skinning onto the centre of the webpage and the floating ad expands to display the Smart TV’s interface. Viewers control a hand that can click on the various apps for more information. A leaderboard ad unit wraps up the creative media buy, linking viewers to the Samsung Smart TV website.

Work Involved:
  • Special Media Buy