HP – Busting the Myth

‘HardwareZone Presents’ is a section on the HardwareZone site where the latest gadgets and offerings in the market are featured.

To showcase the efficiency of its new inkjet printers, HP used a scenario where a young tutor named Abby goes through different, but common problems while printing. During this process, she goes about dispelling myths related to inkjet printers.

All of these were showcased through the HWZ Presents site, with 4 of the myth busting videos at the bottom of the front page and her introduction as the centerpiece. The second tab features the whole line up of HP’s printers, while the third tab showcases HP’s innovations.

The copy for this campaign was written in a easy-to-understand, yet business-y manner to showcase the cost-saving and time-efficient capabilities of HP’s new inkjet printers.


Work Involved:
  • HWZP