Adventures of the HardwareZoners – A New Initiative

Adventures of HardwareZoners, a series of computer generated
animation, is a new initiative done as a mean to increase brand
awareness and encourage online discussions and generating interest
among members. It provides an Innovative approach to advertising by
means of strategic product placements.

This 4 part animation series was done with an external animation
production company, using well loved characters from

The series, was aired in over four weeks on our website's TV
channels in the region (Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines). This
was part of a marketing initiative by to reach out to
a wider demographic with key messages on community building, a love for
gadgets and the strength of our website.

Script development and conceptualization were done in-house while
storyboards, CG production, rigging and pre-visualization were done
with the animation production studio.












Though the series featured gadgets like the iPad and Android
phone, we also worked with Canon regional to feature some of their
imaging products like the Canon 600D, PIXMA printer and Legria
camcorder into the plot and character development.



Engagement Rate of Videos

There are a total of 6 videos released in 6 consecutive weeks
from 12 March 2012 – 20 April 2012:

  • 1 trailer (30 seconds)
  • 4 episodes (average 3 minutes each)
  • 1 full compilation of 4 episodes

Actual views not only hit the target, but exceeded by 30%.


HardwareZone Personified had a high engagement rate among
HardwareZone members with an original, innovative and refreshing
campaign to brand HardwareZone and its mascots as well as foster a
sense of identity to the site.

  • More than 60% longer average time spent than anywhere else on
  • Target viewership exceeded by more than 25%
  • Brand recall for sponsor
  • Product awareness for sponsor
  • Forum threads on HardwareZone Personified had higher volume
    of views than average threads




HWZ Presents generates high awareness for Nikon 1 Camera

Nikon ran a 5 week campaign from 27th December 2011 – 25th
Jan 2012 on HardwareZone Presents with objectives to generate product
and brand awareness and to educate target audiences on the key features
of the new Nikon 1 camera.

This is the first HardwareZone Presents campaign that was done with
regional presence - on Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and global
sites. Results generated were astounding. The microsite saw 11,999
pageviews with 6,818 unique visitors. All advertising units booked has
not only delivered its impressions, but exceeded by 57%.
A total of 6,456 clicks were received in the duration of the campaign,
with teaser highlights contributing to 2,188, 34% of total clicks.
Floating rich media ads achieved the highest click through rates at
1.67%, 2.8 times higher than the average.

nikon 1 Wins Silver Award in the Asian Digital Media Awards 2011 has won the Silver Award in the Asian Digital Media Awards 2011, organized by the World Association of Newspaper Publishers (WAN-IFRA), in conjunction with the third Digital Media Asia Conference held in Hong Kong.

The awards attracted submissions from more than 40 media firms across 15 Asian countries. won the Silver in the Best in Online Media Award - Magazine Website category.

Digital Media Asia 2011, is WAN-IFRA’s leading event on new media in Asia. It showcases how cutting-edge media organisations are using the most advanced digital media platforms for syndicating and monetizing newspaper, magazine, broadcast and book contents.

This award definitely reinforces our design philosophy and beliefs in supporting a complete consumer purchasing cycle where a wealth of frequently updated tech information and services support our community’s interest in PC technology and consumer electronics in an easy to use and share platform. In fact, we’ve just revised the site to meet the latest consumer consumption trends and are already planning ahead. – Vijay Anand, Editor of


We are proud to have won the award as it is an affirmation of our efforts and our beliefs, and will continue to strive to improve and bring better practices and creativity to both our clients and readers.