Hardware Zone PlayTest

Held on 7th June at our Hardware Zone office was our inaugural PlayTest event which saw www.hardwarezone.com deluxe members, HWM, PVi and GameAxis UnWired subscribers asking questions about hardware and recommendations for the upcoming PC Show 2008, while also getting the chance to play test some of the newest and the finest products.


Press Mention: Top Ads Found At The Bottom of Browsers (Digital Life)

Our CatFish once again hit the news, this time in Digital Life in a half-page coverage. "..the ad unit in non-intrusive , and does not interrupt the reading of site content. The obtrusive nature of other online ads is a key reason why those ads are closed immediately." said Mr. Lim Chuan Jer, Product Manager of www.hardwarezone.com®. We even have responses from some of our clients on CatFish.


Testimonial: NEC Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

HWZ Projector Buying Guide"Hardwarezone.com has proved to be a very effective and valuable portal for NEC. We have previously executed a marketing campaign with them on their Projector Buying Guide. Ever since, HWZ has still been sending us request-for-quotations (RFQs) from that buying guide even though that particular campaign has ended. So far, we have received more than 20 RFQs from HWZ and we have enjoyed an extremely high closing rate of 65-70%.

Of course, the fact that NEC has been doing several dedicated projector campaigns with HWZ has also effectively raised the awareness of NEC as a trusted brand in projectors. We are very pleased with this value-added service of HWZ sending NEC these RFQs and we look forward to working with them again."

Pamela Leong
Senior Manager
Multimedia Product Group
NEC Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd