Adventures of the HardwareZoners – A New Initiative

Adventures of HardwareZoners, a series of computer generated
animation, is a new initiative done as a mean to increase brand
awareness and encourage online discussions and generating interest
among members. It provides an Innovative approach to advertising by
means of strategic product placements.

This 4 part animation series was done with an external animation
production company, using well loved characters from

The series, was aired in over four weeks on our website's TV
channels in the region (Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines). This
was part of a marketing initiative by to reach out to
a wider demographic with key messages on community building, a love for
gadgets and the strength of our website.

Script development and conceptualization were done in-house while
storyboards, CG production, rigging and pre-visualization were done
with the animation production studio.












Though the series featured gadgets like the iPad and Android
phone, we also worked with Canon regional to feature some of their
imaging products like the Canon 600D, PIXMA printer and Legria
camcorder into the plot and character development.



Engagement Rate of Videos

There are a total of 6 videos released in 6 consecutive weeks
from 12 March 2012 – 20 April 2012:

  • 1 trailer (30 seconds)
  • 4 episodes (average 3 minutes each)
  • 1 full compilation of 4 episodes

Actual views not only hit the target, but exceeded by 30%.


HardwareZone Personified had a high engagement rate among
HardwareZone members with an original, innovative and refreshing
campaign to brand HardwareZone and its mascots as well as foster a
sense of identity to the site.

  • More than 60% longer average time spent than anywhere else on
  • Target viewership exceeded by more than 25%
  • Brand recall for sponsor
  • Product awareness for sponsor
  • Forum threads on HardwareZone Personified had higher volume
    of views than average threads




“You Say, I Give” [uSiG] evoking response in HardwareZone Community


HardwareZone has launched the second installment of "You Say, I Give"
[uSiG] on the 6th October 2011. 2 months since the
of the community engagement program, [uSiG] has made headway in
stirring a buzz in HardwareZone's community. HardwareZone followed the
success of the Samsung
Galaxy Tab 10.1 [uSiG]
with the Samsung
NX200 uSiG


HWZ Debuts “You Say, I Give” (uSiG) Community Engagement

HWZ debuts "You Say, I Give" community engagement program on Aug 22 as part of a continuous effort to engage her community. It is designed to give an outlet for community to air their views and opinions of a certain product or service, no holds barred.

In this uSiG debut, we are putting up the widely popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This product itself has spun off multiple threads within our forums, 1 most noticeably had started since May this year and till date is a whopping 51 page long thread.

In less than 48 hours of uSiG launch (launched on 22 Aug 8pm), it has amassed more than 200 responses and raked in more than 3,500 views.

"You Say, I Give is a new an innovative means which HardwareZone intends to reach out to our massive online community. By starting discussions on popular topics among a tech-savvy target audience, we nurture and foster bonds between ourselves as content providers and our consumers. More importantly, our members are rewarded for doing what they love; by simply involving themselves in generating an online buzz and providing their honest opinions, they stand to be rewarded with tech gadgets and prizes in high demand.", says Ethan Leong, HWZ Community Management.

"uSiG is not just limited to technology, but also to lifestyle sectors. For example, we can do a uSiG under our Travel and Accommodation forum for our travel enthusiasts. Through this, we have insights into the general consumer's perception into a particular product or service and more importantly, useful feedback for the brand owner for future product or service enhancements." says Lim Chuan Jer, GM, New Media.

uSiG will be a permanent feature of HWZ Forums with more than 30 forums channels, spanning across technology and lifestyle.