HardwareZone.com Wins in Tech Category for Digital Media of the Year 2012 by Marketing Magazine

Digital Media of The Year


HardwareZone.com has maintained its top position in the Tech Category
for Digital Media of the Year by Marketing Magazine for the second
year running
. This win is an affirmation that the growth strategies
and marketing plans HardwareZone.com have worked well and provided
positive results to both advertisers and agencies in the industry.

A total of 354 respondents participated in the survey. 75% of
client-advertiser respondents were manager-level decision makers and
above with more than a third of them being from the most senior ranks.


It’s absolutely encouraging to the team behind HardwareZone.com.sg
to receive this recognition from Marketing Magazine. The win is a
positive indication from marketers and the industry that we’re doing
something right, and rest assured, we’ll continue to do so, with utmost
passion and dedication. –

Terence Ang, Product Manager of HardwareZone.com

HardwareZone.com Wins Silver Award in the Asian Digital Media Awards 2011

HardwareZone.com has won the Silver Award in the Asian Digital Media Awards 2011, organized by the World Association of Newspaper Publishers (WAN-IFRA), in conjunction with the third Digital Media Asia Conference held in Hong Kong.

The awards attracted submissions from more than 40 media firms across 15 Asian countries. HardwareZone.com won the Silver in the Best in Online Media Award – Magazine Website category.

Digital Media Asia 2011, is WAN-IFRA’s leading event on new media in Asia. It showcases how cutting-edge media organisations are using the most advanced digital media platforms for syndicating and monetizing newspaper, magazine, broadcast and book contents.

This award definitely reinforces our design philosophy and beliefs in supporting a complete consumer purchasing cycle where a wealth of frequently updated tech information and services support our community’s interest in PC technology and consumer electronics in an easy to use and share platform. In fact, we’ve just revised the site to meet the latest consumer consumption trends and are already planning ahead. – Vijay Anand, Editor of HardwareZone.com


We are proud to have won the award as it is an affirmation of our efforts and our beliefs, and will continue to strive to improve and bring better practices and creativity to both our clients and readers.


HWZ tops Tech Category in MARKETING Digital Media of the Year 2011

HWZ emerges as the clear winner under the category of Tech in
MARKETING Digital Media of the Year 2011.

In addition, it was identified as the preferred platform to reach out
to men aged 18-39 as well as consumer electronic buyers.














“We are delighted by this (result) and extremely glad that our
efforts in keeping HWZ relevant from both a content as well as
interface perspective are paying off.” says CJ Lim, GM, New Media. “We
will maintain our #1 position in Singapore and invest into the
regionalization of HWZ”.

2011 Digital Media of the Year has a total participation of 603
respondents, of which

410 were from client advertiser side and 193 from the agency