Nokia Adopts CatFish Ad Unit – MARKETING March 2007

Nokia CatFish InContentMARKETING collated its pick of the 20 most influential consumer brands which impact Singaporeans, and shape the Singapore culture. The feature was run in the March 2007 issue.

HWZ's CatFish was highlighted in the column mention of Nokia, which was awarded as the 5th most influential consumer brand in Singapore. Nokia has purchased CatFish ad units for both their N73 and upcoming campaigns. The Nokia N73 campaign delivered excellent result of more than 13,000 clicks to the Nokia N73 product site over a 2-weeks flight duration.

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CatFish featured in MARKETING

Our gem ad unit, CatFish, is featured in MARKETING Interactive newsletter (Friday, 12 Jan 2007).
MARKETING is Singapore's leading source of advertising & marketing industry information.

The featured Catfish unit is by far the best interactive option Advertisers like yourself should adopt as it has recorded performance of 5.5% to 8.5% - 28 times higher than industry average. The industry average CTR is 0.3%.

Our Dec 06 audited Singapore traffic stands at 18.5 million pageviews and 369K unique visitors audited by Nielsen/ NetRatings. This set of figures put us in the same league as that of MSN Spaces, Singapore Exchange and Golden Village. In other words, we are the 'mass media' of the Singapore Internet space.

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