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Hitwise Singapore Online Performance Award
- Computers and Internet - Hardware
- News and Media - IT Media
- Computer & Internet - Social Networking & Forums
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High Quality Audience
Age 20-39 72%
Education University or Polytechnic 81%
Occupation PMEB# 49%
Annual Income >$50,000 45%

Audited by Nielsen//NetRatings Singapore for December 2010
#: PMEB: Professionals, Manager, Executives & Business Owners

We reach out to a large pool of audience who have high purchasing power & are decision makers in IT purchase.

Long Interaction Time with Readers
Our average session duration of 12 minutes is 2 times the industry average of 6 minutes. This directly translates into better exposure for your brands as well as longer interaction time with our readers.

Technology Early Adopters
Roaming the digital pages of www.hardwarezone.com® are groups of unique visitors known as early adopters. Also branded as the "Tech Guru" within their own social circles, these individuals are the consultants for their lesser-informed peers. As these circles expand with time, more people would be consulting these technically versed folks for advice on what to and what not to, hence the "multiplier effect" brought about by word-of-mouth education. Combine our rich and constantly updated content, high stickiness nature, and multiplier effect with pageviews in excess of 35 million a month and what you'll get is nothing short of an influential advertising powerhouse.

Through www.hardwarezone.com® regional presence, your advertising dollars will also see impressions from other countries as well. Our in-house team of professional designers and editorial personnel will see to lengthen the mileage of your advertising campaigns. Furthermore, our high quality content and member-centric services are working round the clock to constantly attract readers both new and regular back to our site for further doses of education and information. Our high sphere of influence guarantees high stickiness and functions to create a lasting multiplier effect in the propagation of branding and information.

All in one zone, www.hardwarezone.com®
www.hardwarezone.com® commands a crucial superiority over other online media in its comprehensive encompassing services that spans across pre-purchase, actual purchase and post-purchase stages for a consumer and even his/her next product procurement.

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Purchase Cycle

  1. Consumer gets to learn of new products from News.
  2. Consumer then reads our assessment of that product in "First Looks" and/or "Reviews" section because he/she knows about the unbiased and thorough product reviews we supply. Since we are in the business of educating our readers and not performing any retailing whatsoever, our reviews are guaranteed to be free from favoritism of any kind.
  3. Armed with a clear understand of the pros and cons of a product from our reviews, the consumer then steps into our exhaustive Price Guides to fish out the best deal for the most bang for his/her buck.
  4. When faced with a technical issue, the consumer can seek needed assistance and an assuring 'voice' in our extensive Discussion Forums that are populated by many tech enthusiasts and even by our in-house editors/writers.
  5. When the time comes for an upgrade, our MarketPlace is a very valuable and handy service to offload your old parts/devices to second-hand product seekers for some cash to cushion you next purchase and the cycle is repeats all over again.

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