Tech Guides

A section dedicated to all readers where we demystify technology with a series of educational guides on the "How-To's" of hardware and software issues, as well as buying guides.

Why market here?

  • Edutainment. Our Tech Guides are meant to educate the general consumer in a fun way. This way they can pick up relevant knowledge without having to read through blocks and blocks of dry text. In such an environment, the reader is more receptive towards messages from marketers like yourself. In addition, such guides also allow a more creative execution of campaign to achieve a more lasting impression of the message.
  • Focused Theme. Each of our Tech Guides addresses a certain product category. This allows you to target very precise group of potential consumers. Eg: MP3, DIY users, Projectors, Printers etc.


  • Monthly page views up to 2,000,000
  • Monthly unique visitors up to 50,000