Product Guide

The Product Guide forms one of the most important pillars of the new site. Organized by product category for easy searching, the Product Guide allows one to quickly navigate to a desired product group to get all related information. In addition to the product specifications, they can also find all editorial reviews, user reviews, latest prices, Marketplace listings and ongoing promotions for the product.

Besides a wealth of information, it also comprises the following key features that aid consumers in their purchase decision-making process:

Product Comparison
With so many different choices, the “Compare This” tool allows consumers to quickly compare features of various products within a category for easy decision-making. Besides that, the “Compare This” tool also allows users to save their Compares for easy reference and sharing.

When a consumer has decided on the product, he can add it to his Watchlist. This function allows users to set a preferred purchase price and when the product falls below this defined price, he will be notified. This is extremely useful for consumers who like to hold out for the best price. It is conveniently located in the Latest Price tab for the product.

The Wishlist lets consumers keep a record of all the products they wish to buy – a crucial feature during the shortlisting stage where they’re browsing through many products before narrowing their choices. The Wishlist lets them do that effectively.

Why market here?
The Product Guide section is definitely a crucial placement consideration in your media buys.

  • 100% Targeted. Channels are one-stop hubs that consolidate all the content and services available related to a particular product category for the potential consumer. A marketing campaign executed within the channel ensures a maximum reach per dollar value.
  • All Rounder. The channels attract all potential consumers within any part of the purchase cycle. This would mean that if you intend to market your product or service to all, at any juncture of the purchase cycle, right from awareness to sell through, the channels would be the perfect place to convey your message.
  • Receptive Buyers
    The Product Guide helps you to reach out to potential buyers who are very receptive of your marketing messages as they are in the active stage of searching for information.