Price Lists

The Price Lists section allows all our readers to gain access to all kinds of IT product prices sorted by product category or shops; a very handy resource for consumers after reading our various reviews for an informed purchasing decision. With our price guides updated weekly, one can easily locate shops offering the best offer prices for the intended product and even monitor price fluctuations over a period of time, all in the comfort of one’s home.

Why market here?

  • Ready Buyers. Readers flock to this section seeking where-to-buy and pricing information. These are your most potential buyers. Not only is this a perfect placement for you to market your product and/or service, it’s also the last opportunity to sway a buyer’s decision to your favor.
  • Corporate Procurement. Many SMEs and SI (System Integrators) rely on our Price Guides to seek out best buys for their office setups such as LCDs, desktops, printers and networking equipment. This is indeed one section that we see huge numbers of SME IT managers and SI personnel logging in daily to check the pricing of their next corporate procurement.