A dedicated section dedicated to our members for trading of used computer hardware and other such equipment. Leveraging on our huge membership and high viewership of our MarketPlace service, members finding their buyer/seller is just a matter of posting an advertisement online. Be it for sales of used IT hardware or trying to nab a good deal, one can be sure of quick response from our ever-growing community. For members needing urgent attention to their advertisements, we even offer a Premier Ads service for the best exposure.

Why market here?

  • Ready Buyers. Readers who visit this section looking for items for sale are ready buyers with cash at their disposal looking for upgrades. A promotional angled campaign will fit in here strategically.
  • Ready Sellers. We see monthly postings of more than 15,000 and that is a big group of traders selling and buying various used products. A large proportion of them are selling off their hardware to purchase a new one and this group of ready sellers, similar to the ready buyers above, is a group of potential consumers for your products. Likewise, a promotional angled campaign will fit in here strategically.