We’re on TV! HWZ TV is our very own video channel that features clips on special events, interviews, how-to videos and special product highlights; covering a wide spectrum of tech. Largely classified into two categories, ‘Viewpoint’ and ‘ZoneOut’, the various videos present first-hand glimpses into industry trends, movements and interviews, and as well as exclusive product previews and demos to the viewers respectively.

Why market here?

  • Engaging Environment.Users that seek out videos expect rich, engaging content, and our quality videos on HWZ TV provide that. By reaching out to this group of engaged users, you are maximising your brand’s opportunity to make an impression. A study conducted by @Plan revealed that viewers pay up to 53 percent more attention to online video ads than TV ads.
  • Engaging Campaign Implementation. Creative video skinning, pre-roll video ads and video series sponsorships are new advertising opportunities offered to marketers to optimize the audience engagement in HWZ TV. Contact us to find out more.