With forums spanning from IT centric topics such as computer hardware, software, networking and programming to Hobby and Lifestyle topics such as photography, travel, current affairs, movies, gaming and more, our forum platform is home to the largest community of members in Asia. Opinions on tech products and trends, information on academic advancement and recommendations on the best places for food or even just a listening ear; there’s a section for everyone.

Why market here?

  • Dedicated Focus Group. We've formed dedicated focus groups on specific technology issues and trends to foster an active sharing and discussion of ideas. This has led to the formation of very niche and relevant audience for your product/service.
  • Influencers. The forum is home to a targeted group of members who are major influencers of purchases made by their social circle of friends and fellow forum members. The HWZ forum marketing strategy has proved to be very effective in helping marketers reached out to these influencers and achieving their objectives. Find out more about the HWZ Influencer package.
  • Mass Appeal. Our lifestyle channels give our community a place to sit back and relax in a virtual manner. We've created these channels because we know we do not just live on technology and we still require our daily dosage of eat-drink-man-woman. With page views in excess of millions, you can be sure your message will be exposed to hundreds of thousands.