Feature Articles

Comprising of 4 main categories namely, Event coverage, Specials, Shootouts and Tech Guides, this section of editorial content contains a variety of feature and highlight articles.

‘Event Coverage’ reports on tech events all over the globe, ‘Specials’ features previews, exclusives and investigative reports and ‘Shootouts’ is a section where various similar products are put to the test in the HardwareZone.com Labs by pitting against competitors and undergoing intensive assessments. Lastly, 'Tech Guides' are articles specifically catered to educate and empower the less informed readers of certain topics in technology and more practical concerns like buying guides.


Why market here?

  • Reach Out To Technology Early Adopters The nature of our in-depth reviews requires the reader to have a certain degree of technical knowledge. These frequent readers form the technology early adopters group and are usually regarded as the "Tech Guru" among their peers. These Tech Gurus often get consulted for purchase of gadgets and computing gear. In time, it became very apparent that they have a very high sphere of influence on others’ purchase decisions. To engage the technology early adopters as ‘unofficial’ ambassadors of your products by executing a marketing campaign at this section is surely a shrewd business move.
  • Regional Reach. HardwareZone.com has been a household name among the tech industry due to our in-depth, meticulous and unbiased reviews. This has enabled us to attract readers from all over the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region. If you are intending to do a regional media buy, this is one placement that you cannot miss.