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In addition to the community advantage, HardwareZone.com has a variety of content and services that accompanies a consumer through their entire purchase cycle. With this holistic approach, we are able to offer marketers a wide range of campaign choices depending on your marketing objectives, such as capturing first mindshare, brand awareness, sell-through, community engagement etc.

Please refer to the diagram for a complete walkthrough.

Purchase Cycle

  1. Consumer learns about new products and trends from our News, Features, and Blog sections.
  2. Our Product Guide, Tech Guide, and HWZ TV sections give consumers insights into product performance and features. This is the point where they narrow their interest to a few selected products.
  3. At this point, the consumer already has a few products in mind. He then goes to the Forums to seek advice and recommendations from other users.
  4. Once they have identified a product, consumers go to our Price Lists section and compare prices among retailers.
  5. When a new product launches in the market, consumers sell off their existing product in MarketPlace and re-invest in the new product.
  6. Consumers learn of new products from News, Features, and Blogs, and the cycle repeats itself.

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