Follow the leader

81% of our readers do their research on the forums prior to purchase. As a marketer, how can you leverage on the influencers on our forum to give your campaign an extra boost?

According to Forrester analysts Josh Bernoff and Augie Ray, the different types of influencers can be broken down into 3 groups:

At, our strength lies in the group of mass influencers that dish out purchase advice on the forums daily. According to the study, mass influencers account for 80% of influence impressions of products and services. They also have large offline networks of family, friends, and peers, who look to them and trust them with tech purchase advice.

It’s time to engage them and let them do the talking for you. Here, we provide essential marketing solutions to take your business further and in the right direction:

  • Events. Have the opportunity to engage them at an exclusive event. Make an impression, and you’ll see the online conversations flowing.
  • Trial and Testimonial. Have our members try your product for a week or two and write a testimonial about it. It’s a great way to create hype within the community and, best of all, we take care of the entire program for you.
  • Forum Seeding. Sometimes, all people need is the right channel to get them talking. We’ll open a thread especially for members to come together and talk about the event you just hosted.

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"As companies look to engage more directly with customers, digital forums like HWZ become important targets for campaigns. Microsoft appreciates that HWZ has the right mix of casual consumers interested in technology, hardcore techies and ‘semi-professional’ bloggers. To help us speak to these audiences, we have organized sneak previews of Windows 7 and Office 2010 to give forum members a look inside Microsoft and exclusive opportunities to learn more about our software...The Hardware Zone team understands their audience very well and has been great to work with."

Haresh Khoobchandani, Senior Director of Business and Marketing Organization, Microsoft Singapore.

"Through the extensive reach of Hardware Zone, HTC has effectively targeted a valued target audience groups resulting in an increase in the awareness of our brand and products. This was significantly seen at the launch of the HTC Desire, where the members of the Hardware Zone Deluxe Club were exclusively invited to the launch and there was at remarkable turnout of 65% of those who sent in their RSVP, and with two members selected to appear in an Event Advertisment on television.

We are pleased with the working experience and results that Hardware Zone has provided us with and we definitely look forward to working together with them for future events.”

Melvin Chua, Country Manager, HTC Singapore

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