Sony Cyber-Shot TX7 Reaches Trendy PMEBs through

Sony’s latest product in their popular Cyber-Shot line is the TX7. Like previous Cyber-Shot models, the TX7 marries a sleek and elegant form-factor with the latest imaging technology. One of its USPs is its ability to capture great pictures in low-light conditions, something that would appeal to the PMEB who enjoys hanging out with friends at the bar after work.


  • Reach out to trendy PMEB population
  • Promote participation on the TX7 microsite contest.


17 days (10-Mar-2010 to 26-Mar-2010)

Ad Units

  • Leaderboard
  • Peeldown
  • Infotech Newsletter Insert


To promote this time-limited contest, Sony’s media buy spanned a brief 12 days. Despite the short duration, the campaign effectively met its objectives.


High CTR: The relatively-new peeldown unit has proven to be a stellar performer. Appearing on the Singapore homepage, it exceeded the booked impressions and delivered a commendable CTR of 0.71%.

High Engagement: Our daily Infotech Newsletter is heavily subscribed to by many members of the PMEB group. It delivers the freshest technology news directly to their inbox, thus making it a highly-engaging platform for your message. Sony’s placement in one issue of the Infotech Newsletter achieved a CTR of more than 1.8%.


While maintains a core group of tech enthusiasts, we also have a high concentration of increasingly tech-savvy PMEBs who are trendy and image-conscious. Leverage on our high-performing media for your next campaign.