MediaMind cites HardwareZone’s ad for Samsung Smart TV as Ad of the month

Samsung ran an interactive ad on HardwareZone's forum pages from 30th
April to 4th May. This consists of a skinning, leaderboard
and floating banner that are synchronised and talks to one another when
areas are acted on.

This is ad is meant to simulate the motion control feature of a
smart TV, and we have achieved high click through rates of 3%.

Mediamind, intrigued by the ingenuity of the ad, picked it up and cited
it as the MediaMind Ad of the month for June 2012. Check out their
announcement on their newsletter, which has been distributed to over
8,000 subscribers:


View the actual demo of the site here:


The main concept behind the Samsung Smart TV creative was to showcase
its unique UI, together with the enriching content offered by the TV
using our online properties. Through subtle usage of speech bubbles,
videos and hand icon representation to simulate motion & voice
control experience 'online', we were able to create something unique
that offers engaging user interactivity plus strong brand
awareness/recall for Samsung. The success of our concept is reflected
in the results of the campaign. Ivan Chew – Operations
Manager at SPH Magazines Pte Ltd