HardwareZone.com Wins in Tech Category for Digital Media of the Year 2012 by Marketing Magazine

Digital Media of The Year


HardwareZone.com has maintained its top position in the Tech Category
for Digital Media of the Year by Marketing Magazine for the second
year running
. This win is an affirmation that the growth strategies
and marketing plans HardwareZone.com have worked well and provided
positive results to both advertisers and agencies in the industry.

A total of 354 respondents participated in the survey. 75% of
client-advertiser respondents were manager-level decision makers and
above with more than a third of them being from the most senior ranks.


It's absolutely encouraging to the team behind HardwareZone.com.sg
to receive this recognition from Marketing Magazine. The win is a
positive indication from marketers and the industry that we're doing
something right, and rest assured, we'll continue to do so, with utmost
passion and dedication. –

Terence Ang, Product Manager of HardwareZone.com