Detailed Study into Profile of HWZ Audience

In most consumer sectors, there is always this age group or
minimum education level or occupation type or minimum household income,
or a combination of one or more that constitutes the core target

Based on August Nielsen research data on demographics via their
Market Intelligence, we had done a detailed breakdown of the HWZ
audience profile against the market average.


Contrary to the seemingly obvious, HWZ does have quite an even
spread of male and female readers at 58% to 42% respectively. This is a
clear indication that female readers nowadays are generally quite tech
savvy and at the same time find HWZ content useful for in their tech
purchases decision making.

Age is usually one of the core targeting parameters. Depending on your
industry, the 20-24s may be your core group, or it could be the 30-40s.

From the chart below, it can be observed that HWZ audience
consistently fared better than the market average in the age group of
20s to 40s.

Age between 20 to 40

Conversely, as HWZ audience age group concentrates between the
20s to 40s, age range outside this span fare worse off than market
average. So if the <20s and >40s are your target audience, then
HWZ will not be suitable.

With the increased importance of
academic qualifications demanded by the society, we are seeing a
significant portion of the Singapore Internet users having at least a
degree. The market average hovers around 47.38%, while that of HWZ is
higher than the market average at 50.75%.

Academic qualifications of Degree and above

PMEBs are probably still the coveted
group of individuals targeted by brand owners. While many media owners
claims to have a high concentration of PMEBs, few are able to show with
conviction. Nielsen data shows 45.7% of PMEBs on an average while HWZ
has 45.5% of this coveted group of individuals, just 0.2% shy of market
average. This carries a very special meaning as hwz is commonly
associated with students as its core users.


Higher combined household income means
higher affluency, which equates higher tendency to spend, good news for
any consumer brand owners. If we take $8000 as the minimum, HWZ has
1.89% points higher than the market average at 31.25%.

Monthly household income of more than $8000

Doing Research Online
Statistics show more and
more consumers are using the Internet for research purposes, be it for
self improvement or to make more well informed purchase decisions.

Let's look at users who do research on
technology related issues. by technology, we mean CE, Telcos &
ISPs, Computers, Software and lastly the white goods (ovens,
refrigerators, washing machines etc). As a technology portal, it would
be reasonable to assume that the average HWZ reader is more likely to
research on technology and this can't be any wrong from the Nielsen

% of readers who researched on Consumer Electronics prior purchase % of readers who researched on Telcos/ISPs prior purchase % of readers who researched on Computers prior purchase % of readers who researched on Software prior purchase % of readers who researched on White Goods prior purchase


To some extent, that (HWZ audience does a lot of technology
research online) is expected. but what about the non technology areas,
for eg automotives, education, travel? Surprisingly (and a good one),
HWZ actually has a rather high proportion of her readers who do
researches on these genres as well as can be seen in the charts below.

This can be arttributed to HWZ large forums covering not only the
technology genres, but also the lifestyle genres, list here.

% of readers who researched on flight tickets prior purchase % of readers who researched on travel related items prior purchase % of readers who researched on automotives prior purchase % of readers who researched on Education % of readers who researched on fashion and accessories prior purchase % of readers who researched on entertainment prior purchase % of readers who researched on sports prior purchase % of readers who researched on grooming prior purchase

If you had come to this because of the possibility of a right
solution to engage with your target readers, we hope this research post
has given you greater insights.

If you had come here by casual browsing, that is fine as well. We
also hope we had given you more insights into the HWZ audience profile.

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All data are extracted from Nielsen Marketing Intelligence for
the month of August 2011.