Who is the average HardwareZone.com user?

A working adult between the age of 25 – 35 with a keen interest in gadgets and technology – that’s how most would picture the average HWZ user. In reality, HWZ reaches out to a far wider audience and beyond tech-related topics.

Board Room Research conducted an industry survey to identify the preferred digital media properties for advertisers & agencies to reach major consumer groups.

The Fashion-savvy Male Consumer

In the ‘Preferred Digital Media to Reach Teenage Boys’ category, HWZ is the only tech site to appear on the top 10 list. Similarly in the ‘Male Fashion & Luxury Product Buyers’ category, HWZ emerge as the only non-fashion portal to appear on the list; not surprising as our fashion-related forums receive over 600k pageviews a month. The results from both categories prove that the HWZ audience have prominent spending power and are willing to stretch their budgets to get what they want, be it the latest gadget or a luxury item they desire.

The Regular Consumer Electronics (CE) Buyer

Leading by a whopping 35%, HWZ ranks as marketer's #1 preferred choice to reach out to CE buyers in Singapore. This is testament to our media's effectiveness when reaching out to the CE audience.

The Corporate IT Decision Maker

Coming out on top in another poll, HWZ assures skeptics who have doubts about our CIO audience as we emerge as the top preferred media to reach CIOs & IT managers. Although we do not focus on business IT content, local CIOs and IT decision makers still gravitate to HWZ for tech advice/discussion, thus making up a sizable fraction of our audience. This means that clients are able to get the right message directly to the decision maker through HWZ.

To Sum It Up…

Although HWZ might be well-known for its tech crowd, the diverse topics on the forums attract an audience that cuts across interest groups. To support this, we’re proud to say that HWZ is the only niche portal in the top 5 that marketers trust to reach males aged 18-39, holding its own against the mass-market portals. Marketers would do well to recognize the diversity of HWZ's audience and leverage on it.