TechnoLust – A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Special

The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Special titled TechnoLust was launched on 31st January 2011, offering many gift ideas for both the men & the ladies.

Fun & Interactive

The users can select a gift via a fun interactive personality quiz to help them find a gift that suits their loved ones’ personality; or the users can select top gift ideas hand-picked by our editorial team and highlighted star buys.

TechnoLust Goes Social

One key highlights of the Valentine's Day Gift Guide is the Facebook 'Send-A-Gift' app. Besides searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones, users can send these hot tech gadgets as virtual gifts to their friends on Facebook via the TechnoLust Facebook app.

The Valentine's Day Gift Guide Special attracted more than 4,700 tech lovers and partners of tech lovers searching for gift ideas for their Valentine Day's purchase. Also, more than 2,500 virtual gifts were sent from the TechnoLust Facebook app, thus creating a viral marketing impact for these top tech gadgets among the Facebook community.