Forums: A Crucial Social Media Platform In Southeast Asia

The recent iStrategy conference covered social media marketing
through Facebook, Twitter, mobile, content sharing sites like

slideshare, Flickr and YouTube and more. Being part of the team behind
Singapore’s most visited & highly interactive forum – the
, I was surprised that forum marketing is not a key topic
covered in iStrategy. So I popped a question to one of the presenter
from London asking why the forums are not being talked about and
discussed as one of the social media platforms. He didn’t have an

Digital Brand Index –
Forums Contribute Significant Social Conversations

The Digital Brand Index (DBI), a joint initiative between Edelman
and Brandtology, which identifies the ‘buzziest’ brands, channels and
topics, shows that forums are an important source of social
conversations. For example, the chart below illustrates that a
significant percentage of technology conversations generated from



Importance Of Forums
In Southeast Asia

Forums are not something new; they have been around for at least the
last 10 years. Southeast Asia is dominated by huge local online forum
communities where the community are fiercely loyal. For example,
in Singapore reaches out to 1 million users, in
Thailand generates more than 21 million pageviews per day and Kaskus in Indonesia
reaches out to more than 2 million users. The common trait between
these forums is that they were the first-mover in their country
respectively and they have been the top forum destination for multiple
years. Individually, they can’t compete with Facebook or Twitter in its
reach but each of these forums contain the heart of the local

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This post is first published in SPH
by Hazel Lee

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