HWZ Forum drives high awareness of Standard Chartered mobile and internet banking platform Breeze

To promote the mobile and internet banking platform Breeze,
Standard Chartered leverages on social media for its marketing. Being a
leading portal for Information and Communications technologies reaching
out to tech savvy consumers, HardwareZone.com is the preferred media.

To generate awareness and drive
participation for contest

  • Breeze your way to a new iPad

4 weeks (3 September 2010 to 30
September 2010)

To reach out to the HardwareZone.com
members, a Forum Announcement was published to alert the members of the

Product information and contest details were published.

The CTR to the Twitter account
@StanChartBreeze, and contest microsite went as high as 13% and 12%

This campaign was successful in
meeting Standard Chartered’s objectives with the performance of the

forum marketing campaign. This proves that HardwareZone.com audience is
receptive to services which appeals to their tech savvy lifestyle.

"HardwareZone.com Forums are an
excellent social media marketing platform in driving the awareness,
discussion and interest for Standard Chartered’s new mobile banking app
Breeze, particularly amongst tech savvy consumers. The results and the
level of engagement exceeded our expectations, and HardwareZone.com
will be one of our partners going forward." -
Keith Timimi, Chairman, Qais Consulting