Exclusive Windows Phone 7 Preview for HardwareZone Members

Forty of the hundreds of HardwareZone members who signed up for
the Special Windows Phone 7 Briefing were chosen to attend this
exclusive preview and demonstration at Microsoft Singapore's office.

At the event, Matthew Hardman from Microsoft and his team gave a
detailed account on the highlights of the Windows Phone 7 user
experience. Specifically, these included emphasis on the Hub concept,
integrated social feeds, and the inclusion of the Xbox Live account.

Matthew Hardman and his team also shared the special features of the
phone and the usage of the Xbox app in the phone with the participants.
He did a demonstration of controlling your avatar from your phone.

After the talk and a short QnA session, our HardwareZone members were
each allowed a handset and SIM card to try out the LG Optimus 7 for
themselves. Our members also took part in a lucky draw where a total 10
prizes were given out. The highlight for that evening was when one
lucky winner walked away with the brand-new LG Optimus 7.