HWZ Ranks Top 5 in Websites Visited before Online Purchase

Singaporeans turning online for tech purchases

According to a recent study by Experian Hitwise, Singaporeans are
turning to online retailers for their electronics purchases. Dell,
Apple, SingTel Shop, MobileOne and Lenovo are the leaders in this

In the first half of 2010, visits to retailers of mobile phones
or computer / hardware products collectively accounted for 42.2% of
traffic generated by Singapore Internet users.

Consumers visit HWZ prior to purchase

As Singapore’s #1 I.T. Portal, HardwareZone.com has always been a
crucial part of a consumer’s tech purchase cycle. This is once again
made clear in Experian’s study of the Top 5 websites visited before
online retailer websites. In a list dominated by Google and Facebook,
HardwareZone.com stands out as the clearly preferred tech site in
Singapore – the only niche portal in the Top 5. This is testament to
the importance of our editorial reviews and forums in a consumer’s
purchase cycle, be it an online purchase or in-store.

“Retailers should actively foster online fan groups and brand
advocates as social networking sites, review websites and blogs become
increasingly important in the purchasing cycle,” said Graeme Beardsell,
Vice President, Asia Pacific, Experian.

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