PC Show 2010 – Full Coverage Out in Record Time

As Singapore’s #1 IT Portal, HardwareZone.com pulled out all the
stops in providing consumers with essential information before, during,
and after the show – all in record time.

The recently-concluded PC Show celebrated it’s 20th year in
Singapore with great results. Over 950,000 consumers packed the
convention halls in search of bargains, and the average spend per
visitor rose by 20% compared to the previous year.

Pre-IT Show Coverage

For such a highly-anticipated event, savvy shoppers want to know
all the deals at the show before they part with their hard earned
money. That’s no easy task as the show covers a very large space over
several floors with hundreds of stalls.

A week before the show, HardwareZone.com readers were treated to
a preview article which was updated every day with new deals and

Our dedicated PC Show forum was filled with eager shoppers
discussing what to buy.

  • The preview article generated 286k pageviews
    from 3 to 10 June
  • PC Show discussion forum generated 511k
    from 27 May to 10 June

These statistics for our pre-show content reveal that Singapore
shoppers have grown very savvy with regards to tech purchases – much
research is conducted even before the show begins. Marketers would do
well to build top-of-mind awareness for their brand during this crucial

During IT Show Coverage

On the first day of the show, our experienced editorial team
systematically combed the floors for the best deals. In less than 6
of the official opening, HardwareZone.com published coverage
spanning over 42 pages worth of star buys. Scanned and
uploaded brochures
, as well as a video highlighting some of the more interesting deals of
the show, followed soon after.

As usual, our roving journalists Tweeted live from the event
to provide the most updated information and answers to questions.

Show coverage: Part 1 ,
Part 2

  • The event coverage garnered 791k pageviews
    from 10 – 13 June
  • PC Show discussion forum garnered 356k
    for the same period
  • Uploaded pricelists garnered over 2.2 million
  • Video coverage attracted over 7k views

Overall, HardwareZone.com’s tech show offerings received well over 3.3
million pageviews
. The high pageviews prove that Singapore consumers
have moved out of the recession mindset and are once again considering
tech investments. With our comprehensive coverage, HardwareZone.com
remains the number 1 choice for consumers to obtain information during
tech shows.

“Once again, HardwareZone.com has demonstrated its commitment
towards its readers,” says HardwareZone.com editor Vijay Anand. “Nobody
else has come close to offering the scale of tech show coverage as we
have, and we will continue striving to better ourselves.”


With our in-depth articles, price lists and forum discussion,
HardwareZone.com is a must-visit for consumers prior to purchase. We
look forward to providing even better information and coverage for
future tech shows.

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