HardwareZone.com Annual Moderators’ Meeting 2010

HardwareZone.com held its third annual forum moderators’ meeting on 1st July 2010 at the SPH News Centre. The yearly event seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas between forum Administrators and Moderators. It is also one of the ways in which the HardwareZone.com team keeps in touch with its 400,000-strong community and identify ways to improve its services.

To start the ball rolling, HardwareZone.com editor Vijay Anand gave a brief walkthrough of the revamped site and the new features available. He then highlighted structural improvements made to the forums over the past year, based on moderator feedback at the 2009 annual meeting which he also hosted.

“The annual moderator meeting is a vital session to share ideas amongst our enthusiastic volunteer moderators, as well as better forge relationships,” he said. “The feedback we get helps us evaluate our content offerings and align them with the expectations of our community.”

The HardwareZone.com marketing team then presented community growth figures for 2009 and shared some exciting blueprints for expansion and activities in the coming financial year. These ranged from new content sections to membership service enhancements. What followed was an engaging exchange of ideas to propel HardwareZone.com to the next level.

“The community remains very much at the heart of our planning,” said HardwareZone.com Marketing executive Faith Yoong. “These annual sessions with the moderators provide valuable insight into our community’s psyche and help us craft better engagement strategies. It is also the perfect time for us to share the goals and vision of HardwareZone.com as we continuously reinvent ourselves to maintain a vibrant community for all members.”

With the team’s and moderators’ intimate understanding of community needs and wants, the discussion spawned many creative ideas that you may soon see coming your way.

“What I really enjoy about the annual meetings is that moderators can together to air their views and concerns on issues we face,” said moderator SerSiTiV. “Of course, it’s a chance to interact beyond our computer screens.”

“An excellent range of topics were discussed,” said moderator leinad. “The camaraderie among moderators and the administration team helped to make the session a great one.”

Vijay echoed the sentiment. “As this is the 3rd time we’ve held this session, we saw many familiar faces and the moderators were also more candid in this mingling session, which is a good sign that everyone’s getting along well and forging a closer working relationship both virtually and in the real world.”

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