SPH Magazines Launches First Video Microsite

SPH Magazines launched its first interactive video microsite – yet another big stride in the new media space. Electronics giant, Canon, leveraged on SPHM’s expertise in both video and website production to deliver a truly fun-filled visitor experience.

Casual language used in the blog posts makes the characters relatable

The objective was to “hook” consumers who already know the Selphy brand, but have not been compelled to find out more. Another challenge was to dispel widely-held myths of compact photo printers, educate consumers on the strengths of Selphy, as well as market the product so it relates to the target audience.

SPH Magazines’ in-house creative agency, Oomph!, was called upon for creative concept generation and execution.

For this project, the Oomph! team wanted to push creative boundaries and deliver something that fully showcases all the strengths of Selphy – not just a microsite. Through detailed analysis of Canon’s objectives, Oomph! came up with a concept that aimed to show how Selphy is relevant in the everyday lives of the target audience.

Instead of simply listing out the benefits, we illustrated it through the blog entries of main character Rebecca. Rebecca enjoys taking pictures with her digicam and printing them out on her Selphy. Her friend Mark, on the other hand, frowns upon such prints. He is a photographer and prefers to have his photos printed at a lab. The blog chronicles his introduction to Selphy, and his eventual transformation into a Selphy convert. Blog entries were carefully crafted by Oomph! such that they were casual and relatable to the target audience.

This particular episode, “Splashproof”, demonstrated that Selphy prints will not get damaged by water or spills.

To further drive home Canon’s message, Oomph! scripted and produced several short videos to accompany most of the blog posts. Each video, while telling a story, also illustrated key features and applications of Canon Selphy in the characters’ daily lives. Background videos were also present in the rest of the site to keep the audience interested.

The videos and entries were designed to showcase important Selphy USPs while keeping the audience entertained.

Besides watching the videos and reading the blog posts, Oomph! produced an exciting flash-based word game based on Canon Selphy, ensuring that Selphy will be top-of-mind when consumers wish to purchase a printer.

Attractive monthly prizes were up for grabs for the top scorers.