A Closer Look at HWZ Audience

In Jun 2009,
HWZ conducted a readers' survey polling members from Singapore,
Malaysia and Philippines. Total entries of
3,225 were gathered.

The survey
was carried out in order to gather information relevant to three key

  • Media Consumption & Preferences
  • Content & Forums
  • Lifestyle Profiles & Demographics

The results returned by the online survey have been instrumental
in determining the direction and content performance of the site, and

A peek into some key takeaways:

  • HWZ.com influences IT purchase decisions
    across Singapore, Malaysia &

    Findings gathered 81% from Singapore indicated high
    dependence on HWZ.com & Forums before making IT purchases, followed
    by 67% from Malaysia and 54% from

    • HWZ audience
      highly favours content on Notebook, Mobile Phones & Desktop PCs.
      Findings equipped Marketers to identify HWZ.com as the right platform
      to seed content through tech-guides or banner advertisement into
      sections/ articles of relevant content nature to capture these
      potential consumers.

    • Top tech
      purchases in next 12-months gathered are namely Mobile Phones,
      Digital Cameras, Laptops, Gaming Consoles & TV.
      Marketers for
      these categories are encouraged to leverage on the findings to plan
      and work out attractive packages to entice & convert

      these consumers before your competitors do.

    On activities they would be interested to join, HWZ
    audience displayed interest in product launches & hands-on
    If you are planning any event, seminar or workshop, you can
    count on HWZ.com audience to boost the


    When choosing mobile phones, HWZ audience favours
    iPhone, Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson & Blackberry.
    With audience
    indicating your brand as their preferred choice, you should wait no
    further. Plan your campaigns with HWZ.com and you are guaranteed that
    your buyers are waiting. Mobile Phone manufacturers not mentioned are
    not to be discouraged. Since the audience indicated strong mobile phone
    buying intent, you ought to speed up and convert this group of
    potential consumers to yours!

    In terms of Internet usage, HWZ audience fits the
    general surfing behaviours. Namely for leisure, to connect with
    friends and to read news & reviews.

    Top Expenditure: When asked to estimate their
    expenditure based on 3-months overview, audience across 3-countries
    indicated Travel and Tech products purchase as top priorities.

    Audience from 3 countries indicated
    strong reliance on HWZ.com & Forums before making tech purchases
    and had further drill down into products they wish to purchase for next
    3-12months. The audience is ready, are you?

    For in-depth findings of the survey, click here
    to send in your request.

    Otherwise, you can also get a copy
    of updated members demographics here.