COMEX 2009 – Undisputable Home of Great Tech Bargains

Event Coverage Summary

Judging from this year's phenomenal turnout, COMEX continues to be a highly sought after consumer-tech event by the community. This 4-day annual Information Technology and Consumer-Electronics Fair swept through Singapore like a hurricane and concluded with a blast.

As usual, the team went beyond consumer expectations and gave what the community really wanted by delivering a concise, reader-friendly guide on great tech buys from wide spectrum, including music players, laptops, printers, cameras, audio accessories and gaming peripherals. They were also on-site to update users with the fair's latest developments.

The coverage was spread over 2 phases:

1. Pre COMEX

Before the actual extravaganza, 20 pages of tech bargains were collated to enhance the community's shopping experience by highlighting value-buys at the fair.

From technology gadgets to home theatre systems, the info was comprehensively listed with specifications and booth numbers against the brand names for consumers' easy reference. A dedicated COMEX forum was also created to allow the community to share and discuss the bargains and deals.

Official Comex 2009 Price List/ Brochure Thread was constantly updated and compiled via Picasa Web Album to highlight to the community on the latest deals and bargains to look out for. Without having to leave their homes, the community could access more than 200 brochures to scan through and make their comparisons before making their purchases.


  • Pre-COMEX coverage generated 140,735 pageviews.
  • Dedicated Forums generated 395,733 pageviews during this phase.
  • More than 2,640,000 views were generated from the uploaded brochures.

2. During COMEX

Right from the get go, the team approached the event in high spirits, with greaat expectations of the coverage. The team paid meticulous attention to every detail, so that those who could not attend the fair could also share the excitement of the event with updates on the great deals. A total of 35 pages were featured in two parts.

Part 1

Part 2


  • The 35-page spread generated more than 226,046 pageviews.
  • Dedicated Forums generated 1,523,991 pageviews during the actual event.

Not forgetting the busy ones who did not have time to scroll through all the pages, the team captured all the action on video.

This initiative provide live roving updates from the event scene, allowing consumers to view brands & product updates at a glance. Last but not least, HardwareZone Twitter catered for those on the move with real-time updates of the latest bargains.


The entire campaign achieved combined total of 2,286,505 pageviews, which accurately reflected the community's engagement and reliance on as a reliable source of information and updates on the fair.

  • On the average, each HWZ member spent more than 13-minutes onsite.
  • HWZ's ardent community showed their trust and support for the site's COMEX coverage with more than 2,600,000 views generated from the uploaded brochures.


Acting as a crucial supporting role to the event, created holistic and popular channels dedicated for COMEX 2009 that were abundance and fruitful to the community. The team's hard work and dedication to bringing quality event coverage at COMEX provided immense value to the community. Also provided all tech brands significant boosts by raising their product offerings intensively.