HWZ Forums Moderators’ 2009 Annual Meeting

HardwareZone.com held
its Forum Moderators’ Annual Meeting on 17 June 2009 at the SPH News
Centre. This initiative, now into its second year, is aimed at keeping
in touch with the HardwareZone’s many Forum moderators, identifying
areas of improvement and growth to keep the forums

appealing and relevant to its large but growing community of
353,000 members and counting.

The meeting kicked off with a short welcome note by Vijay Anand, Editor
of HardwareZone.com. Following that is SPH Magazines’ New Media
Branding & Promotions team who gave a presentation on the forum’s
growth over the past 3 years and the projected challenges ahead.

Ending the presentation segment was a round-table discussion led
by Vijay and the B&P team where moderators were encouraged to
contribute opinions on how to tackle these challenges as well as
identify forum growth areas to capture new audience groups by expanding
its offerings. With the administration and moderator teams’ intimate
knowledge of HardwareZone Forum’s community fabric from years of
moderating, many interesting ideas were raised and discussed.

Moderators who attended all felt that it was a good experience.
“It was very productive and constructive. Many good suggestions were
heard,” said Zorrus, one of the volunteer moderators.

Having also led the
previous year’s discussion group, Vijay also mentioned that these
yearly meetings are a vital link between the publication, the
moderators and the community. “The moderators are an important group of
individuals who help facilitate and regulate their assigned forum
sections so that the forum runs smoothly and serves its purpose of
information exchange. However, all of the moderators are helping out on
a voluntary basis to upkeep the community and there’s little chance of
face-to-face interaction. While HardwareZone has its PlayTest session
to interact with its readers and members twice a year, the yearly
Moderators’ Meeting is a great chance for the administration team and
the rest of the moderators to get to know each other better, exchange
casual views and most importantly, steer the development of the forums
for our readers in the right direction with a collective

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