Case Study: Footie Fever

HWZ Engages Community with Footie Fever
In conjunction with UEFA Euro 2008, launched Footie Fever – a football-centric campaign
within the Forums platform to immerse the community in the heat of UEFA
with a variety of activities. Some of these activities allow
inter-member interactions to achieve addictiveness.

All activities were exclusively for HWZ members only. Intention
is to encourage membership registrations for even the casual visitor.


  1. Create a platform of interaction for the community, related to
  2. Increase number of members
  3. To determine if an in-page microsite experience is more

June to 3rd July 2008 – 4 weeks

Footie Fever was designed such that
the full microsite can be experienced in-page within Forums. Contrast
this with the typical ‘click-and-new-window-open’ form of microsite.
The in-page experience minimized intrusion & distraction to
visitors. Visitors were able to switch between interacting with the
Forums and interacting with Footie Fever as and when they liked. The
in-page experience took in the form of an expandable leaderboard.

There were 4 activities within Footie Fever, as illustrated:

  1. Footie Champs:
    Adaption from Trump
    Card concept, the participants played against the computer with
    Footballers’ statistics. A statistic was chosen by participants
    and matched against that of computer’s. The better statistics
    determined the winner of that play. A set consisted of

    Activity Points: 5-points per winning set

  2. Prediction:
    Participants were to
    predict winning team for respective matches. 

    Activity Points: 100-points per match as base, awarded
    based on ratio selection of teams.

  3. Inter Challenge:
    Participants were
    able to challenge one another on predictions of final score of
    each match. Challenge was made more exciting with the handicap

    Activity Points: 25-points per challenge as base,
    awarded based on odds of team selected.

  4. Daily Trivia:
    Quiz for
    participants to display their knowledge on football & UEFA

    Activity Points: 5-points per day

Activity Points System:
An activity points
system was implemented to encourage higher participation. The
abovementioned 4 activities were allowed re-plays to collect more
activity points. A referral feature was also in place to encourage
participants to refer more of their friends. Participants were awarded
10-points for each successful referral.


  1. More than 30,000 visits were made to Footie Fever during the
    campaign period.
  2. 23% of the participants stayed up to 30-mins in microsite –
    reflecting the activities within were highly engaging & appealing.
  3. More than 50,000 activity points were tabulated during the
    campaign period for all Footie Fever activities.
  4. HWZ received more than 7,000 new membership registrations
    during the campaign period.

With more than 7,000 new members
acquired and more than 50,000 activity points collected are clear
results of Footie Fever achieving its objectives.

No complaints were observed during campaign period, despite the
expandable leaderboard. This coupled with the achievement of objectives
suggests that an in-page microsite experience is more enjoyable for the

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