Digital Advertising Production Defined

A special feature on advertising production was run on recently. Production pros from across
the media spectrum were asked on where the role of production companies
is today and where is it heading.

There were some comments made by these pros which are
particularly relevant to the digital space. Here's some:

  • Lack of understanding—a friend of mine (who was a traditional
    art director) said that he thought interactive was cheap and quick.
    [In reality, it's] expensive and time-consuming. Many people lack a
    decent understanding of what it takes to do interactive work. Level of
    complexity—interactive production is often more complex - Rei
    Inamoto, Global CD, AKQA
  • There still is a huge misconception that because the
    production is going to be on the web, it is going to be cheaper. In
    fact, the cost will most likely increase because in addition, you now
    need to make that content interactive! - Christine Beardsell,
    CD, Digitas/Third Act
  • Budgets are obviously shifting to emerging media. But there is
    still a perception that virals cost 50k to make. Or that because it is
    online, the value should be less. In most cases that is the wrong
    thinking. Because in the digital space, you have to make something
    great, spend the money to do it right and invite people in. - Jason
    Harris, President, Mekanism

So the next time you (brand owner or agency) decide to embark on
interactive media like all your other competitors and think you
probably will spend much lesser than traditional media in production,
or is 'unpleasantly' surprised that interactive production needs the
same amount of time or even longer than that of traditional media,
think again.