Hardware Zone PlayTest

Held on 7th June at our Hardware Zone office was our inaugural PlayTest event which saw www.hardwarezone.com deluxe members, HWM, PVi and GameAxis UnWired subscribers asking questions about hardware and recommendations for the upcoming PC Show 2008, while also getting the chance to play test some of the newest and the finest products.

Testimonial from an attendee:
"Although PlayTest welcomed informal networking between your attendees and your editorial teams, your line up of events, Andy's HD trends talk, and a couple of side games (GameAxis' BoomBlox shoot-out competition and HWM's Fastest Finger SMS challenge) were wonderful compliments to keep up everyone's momentum and interest. You also had very generous prizes lined up for the winners of the games and lucky draw.

Since your editorial teams' were present to answer everyone's most burning questions on hardware, games and digital photography, I think PlayTest deserves a motto. "PlayTest - Know What You Want". Thanks to PlayTest, now I know what I want."