Why Marketers Love Small Social Networks

A recent feature “Why Marketers Love Small Social Networks” is run
on BrandWeek.

Marketers who think bigger is better
may want to reconsider, at least when it comes to social
media….That these sites are so segmented means they can offer
unique campaign opportunities to brands.

– Quoted from source

With social media on the rising trend, a lot of marketers are
focusing their attention on the major social networks like MySpace,
Friendster and Facebook, missing out on the many niche social media
around, where the segmentation may prove to be more relevant to the


Wikipedia defines social media as interactions between people as the
discussion and integration of words builds shared-meaning, using
technology as a conduit.

hardwarezone.com Forums (Singapore) is one example of such a niche
(tech) social media with over 300,000 members. And recently it has been
awarded the Hitwise Singapore #1 Social Networking &
award for the year 2007. The Forums sees a minimum of 3,500
strong audience interacting concurrently in one of our over 90 forums
channels, ranging from technology to lifestyle interests at any

To a certain extent, one can get information faster from the
Forums than from traditional editorial-driven web sites. Within a few
hours, conversations can amount to over 100 posts. That is the best
illustration of the high level of spontaneous and interactivity within
the Forums. It is also the ground where opinions are exchanged and
buying decisions influenced.

Want to include social media into your marketing mix? Look no
farther than hardwarezone.com Forums (Singapore), especially if your
target consumers are in the technology space.

Drop us a
and let our team design the most effective social media marketing
plan for your needs.

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