HWZ Cupid Launches Valentine’s Day Gift Guide The ‘Rich-Media’ Way

HWZ launches a special short gift guide in conjunction with the day where couples express their love for one another - Valentine's Day. The objective of the site is easy navigation, hence there is a distinct "For Him" and "For Her", each denoted by black and pink respectively. The Man clicks on "For Her" while the Lady clicks on "For Him".

HWZ SG Valentine Day Gift Guide

HWZ also makes use of this opportunity to launch a special Motif Rich Media ad unit to market this gift guide. This ad unit will run in HWZ Global and HWZ SG homepages from 13th - 20th Feb 2008. The uniqueness of this ad unit is that the animation of the leaderboard banner 'extends' to the skyscraper banner. Upon clicking of the leaderboard's 'Click' button, HWZ Cupid will fly from the right to the left of the leaderboard banner and out of that banner before dropping a gift box attached to a parachute. The gift box, with the parachute, will then glide down slowly 'into' the skyscraper banner.


With creative and interesting executions, the chances of your message capturing conveying to the multi-tasking reader is increased tremendously. This has been made possible as HWZ recently signed up for DoubleClick's Dart For Publishers platform (DFP). With DFP and Motif, HWZ now offers a wide range of creative executions beyond the standard banners.

To enquire more about this ad unit, click here.