DoubleClick’s Dart For Publisher – Ad Serve Engine For HWZ

HWZ has recently changed their ad serve engine from OpenAds to DoubleClick’s Dart for Publisher (DFP). This change is done in view of the fast-paced changes within the online marketing space. With DFP, HWZ will be better equipped with all these new technologies.

With DFP, HWZ can now offer a more comprehensive report to advertisers, beyond just impressions and clicks. For rich media interactive banners, HWZ can now also report activities taken by users within the banner itself. This will enable a better view on the performance of the campaigns of interest. In the world of marketing, accountability is of utmost importance as that is where ROIs are derived.

With DFP, discrepancies can also be reduced between HWZ and advertisers (who use DFA). Launching of campaigns can also be made simpler by using ‘internal redirects’ instead the traditional way of advertisers supplying a DART tag and HWZ pushing the DART tag onto the respective placements.

DoubleClick also offers Motif, their rich media extension to DART. With Motif, HWZ can now offer a wide range of creative executions to advertisers. Some of the creative executions include expandables, floating, in-page etc. Video elements can also be supported easily.

HWZ also subscribes to Inventory Manager module which allows HWZ to better manage and forecast her entire stable of inventories.

For more information on DFP, click here.

For more information on Motif, click here.

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