Case Study : COMEX 2007, with her usual traditions, launched a COMEX campaign during COMEX 2007. The campaign is split into 2 phases. The first phase is a pre-COMEX coverage of what consumers can expect in the show and the second phase is the launch of a dedicated COMEX 2007 forum with an in-depth coverage of the actual show itself.

Google Analytics was used to track the performance of these campaign elements. Results were impressive.
We present the analysis here.

COMEX 2007 Pre Coverage ScreenshotThe pre-coverage was published a few days just before the commencement of the actual show to increase interest within our community. Contrary to previous shows pre-coverages, we did a 2 part 16-page pre-coverage for COMEX 2007.

These 2 parts achieved a total of 252,029 pageviews.

Links to pre-coverages: Part 1 | Part 2



Show Coverage
COMEX 2007 Show Coverage ScreenshotOur editorial team set forth for the show ground early in the morning to start doing the coverage. The end result was the publishing of a 26-page detailed coverage of all the halls. We also collected most of the exhibitors' price brochures and have them scanned and uploaded for our DMCard members.

This coverage achieved a total of 316,259 pageviews.

Link to show coverage: Show Coverage



COMEX Dedicated Forum
COMEX 2007 Forum ScreenshotThis is the highlight of the entire campaign. The forum was launched in conjunction with the pre-coverage to allow a common discussion ground from our avid community. It ran through the actual show days and was only removed one week after the show ended.

By the time the forum was removed, it has garnered in more than 600 threads and more than 10,000 posts within two weeks.
Analytics also reported 1,199,092 pageviews and 38,247 unique visitors. The time spent on the forum was an amazing 12 minutes!


COMEX 2007 Forum Analytics Screenshot

Click the link below to see the full analytics report.
Analytics COMEX 2007 Forums Visitor Overview Report

The entire campaign achieved a combined total of 1,767,380 pageviews. Advertisers such as Epson and EastGear who are with us on this campaign has also managed to achieve a maximum interaction time of more than 12 minutes with the community. The brand value built in this timespan has been high.