Campaign: Nokia Zone

An extensive Nokia campaign, covering all their N-series, E-series was launched in HWZ with a big digital bang. Not only that, this campaign has a heavy focus on UGC (User-Generated Content), first time in HWZ.

Nokia Zone comprises of the followings:

  • Gurus - Selected opinion leaders are invited to be a mobile phone guru for this campaign with the main purpose of sharing their knowledge with the community via the blog channel. A total of 24 gurus are to be gradually introduced to the community.
  • User Trial - A section where gurus and public are invited to get a chance to trial the latest handsets from Nokia. Of course, this is also the group of people that will give the first-hand experience to the community. Through this, the community can be exposed to the new features of these mobile phones and understand how it can help them in their daily lives.
  • Showcase - A section of images and videos sharing, all shot or recorded from Nokia phones. The main focus is to let the consumer see for himself/herself the true quality of images or videos through the camera function of Nokia phones. This section is contributed purely from Gurus and public.
  • Cool Stuff - Also a section of images and videos sharing. Difference with showcase is that images and videos are just about anything that's of high entertainment value. Again, this section is contributed purely from Gurus and public.
  • Editorial Corner - How can this be a HWZ campaign if visitors cannot bring back something with them? Over here, detailed know-hows and interesting tips & tricks will be presented by our acclaimed review team to the community.
  • Forums - 3 Nokia forums are created under the very popular HWZ Forums. These 3 forums server the N-series, E-series and all other models of Nokia mobile phones respectively.
  • Contests - To increase the interactivity of the zone, much brainstorming has been put into the conceptualization of contest. The first contest will be a Forums Skinning contest where visitors try their hands on designing a look-n-feel for the 3 Nokia forums under HWZ. Winner of the contest will have his/her skin put onto the 3 Nokia forums.
  • The Others - Over here, one can find all the reviews, first looks, news, pricing information on Nokia.

The campaign is slated to run for 6 months with media buy in and AsiaOne. On top of it, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is also included as part of publicity schedule, handled by our inhouse search marketing unit.

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Nokia Zone - Montage