Press Mention: Top Ads Found At The Bottom of Browsers (Digital Life)

Our CatFish once again hit the news, this time in Digital Life in a half-page coverage. "..the ad unit in non-intrusive , and does not interrupt the reading of site content. The obtrusive nature of other online ads is a key reason why those ads are closed immediately." said Mr. Lim Chuan Jer, Product Manager of®. We even have responses from some of our clients on CatFish.

Mr. Shalabh Pandey, Account Director - Media Contacts:
Usually a banner on the site gives a click-through rate of about 0.2 to 0.5 per cent, but the CatFish guarantees about 1 per cent and has a better return on investment.

Ms. Madeline Teo, Public Relations Manager - Hewlett Packard:
It had raised the company's click-through rate to a minimum of 5 per cent.

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