www.hardwarezone.com Survey 2007

We launched a regional survey on www.hardwarezone.com in Jan 2007 to gather feedback from our readers about the portal itself. The survey was launched in January and ended in March, a two months duration. Other than the usual online banners, text links and eDMs, we also ran print ads in our regional HWM magazines.

We logged in more than 5,000 entries from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. After doing the collation and tabulation of the entries, we present to you some of the interesting findings.

Source of IT Advice
IT Advice

A whopping 48.9% of the respondents search on the Internet for IT advice, while 23% seek advice from online forum groups and 27.2% asks their peers who are more technically savvy.

Frequency of IT Purchase
Freq of Purchase

More than 44% of the respondents have a 3 to 6months purchase cycle. This translates to the consumer spending behavior that renews every 3 to 6 months. A short renewal period indicates high spending power.

Research Activity Prior Purchase
More than 83% of the respondents will visit www.hardwarezone.com prior to making an IT purchase. This indicates high reliance on us for information.

Other Findings

  1. 87% of the respondents are Technoloy Early Adopters who are frequently consulted for IT advice from their peers.
  2. 74% of the respondents indicated that our Reviews influence their purchase decisions.
  3. 83% indicated that a good HWZ rating and/or award given to a product will increase their confidence in the product.
  4. Close to 60% were influenced by First Looks on their purchase decision.
  5. The popular categories which interest the readers are mainly PC components, Mobile devices (mobile phones & PDAs), Personal mobile computing (Desktops & Notebooks), Imaging devices (digital cameras & video camcorders) and Home & Portable AV.
  6. More than 85% seek advices from the knowledgeable members within HWZ Forums.

The above findings point to one single conclusion: Coming onto www.hardwarezone.com Network is consumers’ most preferred choice when it comes to making purchase decisions.

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