MediaConnect – Catfish – sink or swim?

Most catfish hang around the bottom of the ocean, hardly coming up to the surface if ever; but this one appears to be making waves in the world of advertising.

Enter Catfish, a relatively different form of digital advertisement one encounters upon entering the Hardware Zone portal.

Catfish is not quite your typical banner ad.

It is currently unique to Hardware Zone, and is scheduled to only be viewed once per unique user. The ad appears the first time a user enters the portal, regardless of the page, although Hardware Zone has designated vendors' ads for different parts of the site.

"Its execution is pretty unique. Nothing that users in this part of the world have seen before. It has that impactful launch when the person first visits the site, that's one of the key points.

"The second

thing is such that you do not need to go to the homepage to view the ad; you can view the ad regardless of whatever your entry point into the website was. That's another unique point," said Lim Chuan Jer, Product Manager of Hardware Zone.

Thus far, Catfish has the results to prove its success. An article in Marketing Magazine highlighting Nokia's advertising campaign had this to say:

"Recently, the company purchased interactive ad units – Catfish – on the network, which appears at the bottom of browsers, with good results. Catfish achieves 5.5% to 8.5% CTR over a record maximum of 600,000 ad impressions delivered within a single month, which is claimed to be up to 28 times higher

than average."

Lim also affirmed Catfish's success.

"For ad performance, the ad unit is actually getting a very high click-through rate. The standard is usually about 0.2 percent; click-throughs that got about 0.6 to 0.8 percent is actually considered a very good performing campaign already. For our case we are actually seeing an increase of about 5 -8 percent, very much higher than the industry standard of 0.2, and the reasonably good performance of say, 0.4 to 0.6."

Clients who have benefited from Catfish include Canon, Dell, Nokia, Sony and HP, and other potential advertisers are sitting up and taking notice, according to Lim.

"We're about to release a media advisory, which will state some of the clients who've been with us. Sony actually ran this, HP, quite a number of them."

"With the trend starting to shift towards CTC model, a lot are calculating their investment based on the cost of the media. Catfish, being one that generates such a high number of absolute clicks, actually allows us to put up a very very competitive cost per click on our platform, compared to other media," said Lim.

Lim also stated how there were plans for Catfish to be integrated into various online outlets of Singapore Press Holdings, Hardware Zone's parent company.

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