HWZ on Digital Life IT SHOW 2007 Preview

Digital Life IT SHOW 2007 PreviewDigital Life ran an article on 'Do Your Homework Before You Buy' in their IT SHOW 2007 Preview. It listed the 3 must-do activities before heading down for tech shows and www.hardwarezone.com® is being featured under 'Surf The Internet' activity.

It also listed 'Get On The Forums' as one of the activities. www.hardwarezone.com® has, since 2 years back, opened dedicated forum channels for each of the 4 major tech shows in Singapore. IT SHOW 2007 dedicated forum channel, which was opened in 1st March 2007, has clocked in over 300,000 pageviews and registered more than 25,000 unique visitors within 1 week of its opening.

These numbers can only mean 1 thing; www.hardwarezone.com® has become the definitive portal for consumers to log on before and during tech shows. Your consumers are here. Be where your consumers are.