Case Study: Gillette Fusion Shaver

Gillette wishes to introduce the new line of shaver 'Fusion' to male audience. The main audience group is young males who likes to look good and enjoy luxuries of life.

Media: Lifestyle Forums

As the objective is to raise awareness for Gillette Fusion, the high impact ad unit, CatFish is used. A Leaderboard placement is also made in our Lifestyle Forums to target the audience who likes to look good and enjoys life. Sponsored Text Links are then included into the media campaign for permanent exposure throughout the duration of campaign.

Gillette Fusion SG Forums Lifestyle Leaderboard Gillette Fusion Catfish

The high-impact CatFish ad unit achieved a CTR of 4.09% with 2,000 clicks with 1 week of flight.
This set of results shows that even non tech advertisers could reach out effectively to mass male audience via our Lifestyle Forums. The community in that forum are the young trend-setters who embark on anything new & cool on tech & lifestyle products and wish to enjoy life to its fullest.