HardwareZone.com Tech Show Portal for IT Show 2011, Mobile Friendly Version Debuts

HardwareZone.com Tech Show Portal, first launched during Sitex 2010, is back in March 2011 with extensive news coverage and updated promotional brochure downloads for IT Show 2011. This is a one-stop portal where the most extensive coverage of mega IT shows can be found.

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Who is the average HardwareZone.com user?

A working adult between the age of 25 – 35 with a keen interest in gadgets and technology – that’s how most would picture the average HWZ user. In reality, HWZ reaches out to a far wider audience and beyond tech-related topics.

Board Room Research conducted an industry survey to identify the preferred digital media properties for advertisers & agencies to reach major consumer groups.

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Hitwise #1 site Award Winner for July – December 2010

We are pleased to announce that www.hardwarezone.com® once again emerged as Hitwise #1 Site Award Winner for July to December 2010 in the following categories;


www.hardwarezone.com.sg Forums also emerged as the second most visited site under category of Computer and Internet – Social Networking & Forums